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Connecting you to fellow learners, mentors, and resources facilitating your mastery of your topics of interest.



Learmapp is a mobile-based learning social network. It connects learners together and helps them share learning resources, opportunities, progress and insights from learning.

Your Learmapp experience revolves are the topics you intend to master. Learmapp helps you along these mastery journey, by socializing them. You share insights from your daily learning activities with learning buddies and mentors. Your feed shows insights from learning activities posted by learning buddies, mentors and others whom you follow around the topics you intend to master.

Currently, Learmapp exclusive to the Oxford University’s students and researchers.



Specify the topics of your learning

Specify the topics you are currently learning or intending to learn. A topic in Learmapp could be anything you learn to master; it could be an academic subject (e.g. Macroeconomics) or a skill (e.g. Programming).

Add buddies, mentors, and resources

Socializing your learning, you can add learning buddies and mentors, specific to every topic. Organizing your learning, you can add resources you intend to use (e.g.Books, Lecture Notes and Videos).

Post learning activities

The core of Learmapp is the feed to which you, your buddies, and other learners post learning activities as they happen; be they attending lectures, reading books and articles, or listening to podcasts.

Privacy is key

Putting you in control of your privacy, you get to choose the privacy level you want for every resource and activity posted in Learmapp.

Learmapp supports mentors

Mentors can add mentees, view their accessible resources and activities, and comment on their activities.




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